Task Manager

YachtWave is your one-stop shop for the “who, what, when” of boat ownership.

Many boating tasks are recurring, either before, during, after, or in between voyages. Others, like repairs, are one-offs that inevitably pop up. All must be addressed promptly and precisely.

Success here is often a group achievement. YachtWave is designed to make your team as productive as possible. Easily assign, track, and check off critical tasks as part of your ongoing boating routine. For anyone who doesn’t already have the app, YachtWave simply shoots an email for a basic download to get them synced up in moments.

You may be the owner, but not everything has to fall to you.  Share the workload before you share the experience. 

Features & Benefits of Boat Task Management Apps / Software

Using a boat task management app, boat owners and operators can stay organized, save time, and improve efficiency. A digital resource designed to organize various tasks and responsibilities related to seafaring vessels, the application includes to-do lists, assignments, and progress tracking.

A boat task management app is easy to use. Users can make lists of tasks that should be completed, including routine maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. The items can then be assigned to specific team members. Users can also set task notifications for themselves.

Improve the workflow of your vessel with a boat task management app. By having access to tasks in a central location, you and your crew will pay attention to important maintenance or repairs, ensuring your boat is in top condition. The app can help streamline team member communication, especially regarding task delegation and progress tracking.

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