Boat Details

When it comes to watercraft, being detail-oriented is the name of the game.

Boats, like other motor vehicles, are highly technical.  They combine basic information such as size and age with more complex specs like engineering and design.

You need one easily-accessible place to store all of these details from bow to stern.  YachtWave provides a clean interface for compiling your boat’s profile and sharing it with service professionals, marinas, crew, potential buyers, and others.  Dropdowns and auto-fills minimize the manual entry for even more convenience.

Think of it as your complete, pocket-sized database for the detailed specs you need at any given time.

Features & Benefits of Boat & Engine Detail Apps/Software

Boat owners and operators can keep track of their vessel’s important information using a boat & engine detail app. Users can store their vessel registration, make and model, year, and other relevant information in the program. No more spreadsheets!

Using boat & engine detail software provides numerous advantages to boat owners and operators. Central access to their vessel’s important information will keep them organized, especially in emergencies. The application can also prevent issues by ensuring the engine and boat are properly maintained.

Learn more about the YachtWave®️ boat management app.

Yacht / Boat Management Software App