Paper still has its place in a digital world.

On a boat is not it. All it takes is a rogue wave or damp towel to soak through your trusty notebook. The safer and easier approach is to rely on the same app you’re already using on the water.

YachtWave lets you access passwords, lock combinations, directions, and other miscellaneous info directly on your phone without having to go below deck to find or protect your paperwork. Plus, any new ideas you jot down will auto-sync on the next device you use for convenience.

Stow the pad and pencil. Let YachtWave handle the details you don’t want lost at sea.

Features & Benefits of a Boat Notes App / Software

Keep track of important information about your vessel or other boating activities using a boat/yacht notes apps. Software designed for seafarers, users can create and store notes on various topics, including maintenance, repairs, navigation routes, fuel consumption, or fishing spots.

In addition to staying organized, a boat notes app can help boaters improve their boating skills by documenting and reflecting on their experiences through the app. Using a boat notes application helps every boat owner and operator stay informed and on top of their boating activities.

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