A proper manifest is your biggest ally against that sinking feeling of “If I’d only checked.”

Storing all of your boat’s information in one place for easy reference is a time saver. But, when it comes to cargo, it very well could be a trip saver, too.

Unlike boat or engine details, inventories can change depending on consumption, trip frequency, etc. Equipment, supplies, perishables, and other critical items must be accounted for each and every time you shove off. YachtWave not only catalogs them neatly, but also lets you share everything with passengers and crew for all-hands support at port.

In other words, keep it close so you don’t find yourself up a creek without a paddle—literally.

Features & Benefits of Boat Inventory Management Apps/Software

Track equipment and items on your vessel using a boat inventory management app. As a digital resource, the app includes item categorization, location tracking, and a comprehensive inventory list to help you stay organized.

A boat/yacht parts inventory management app is simple to use. Users can list their spare parts, tools, and safety equipment. These items can be categorized and assigned to a specific storage location onboard the vessel. You will save valuable time by knowing the location of your various parts and supplies.

There are many advantages to using a boat/yacht inventory management app. By maintaining a comprehensive inventory list, users will ensure they have all the important items. The categorization features also save you time by making it easier to find specific items.

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