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YachtWave is the easiest, most effective way to store, view, and share the information you need handy for your boat both on and off the water.

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For Owners

All-in-One Info Management for Boat Owners

Printouts, spreadsheets, phone notes—these are no better than rolled up charts in today’s electronic world. Fortunately, there’s a far simpler and more convenient way to navigate the information you need, where and when you need it.

YachtWave™ was created by seasoned boaters and captains wanting a better tool to organize their boat data without complicated software or spreadsheets. Now, owners of vessels both large and small finally have a platform that puts the administrative side of yacht & boat management on autopilot.

No Fees

FREE to download and use with no ongoing subscription fees or advertisements.

Plenty of Features

Checklists, inventories, task management and cruise and maintenance logs

Organize Your Data

Organized collection of all vessel details and important numbers

Manage Task Lists

Centralized location for common tasks and assignments

Share Your Data

Easily share your yacht’s information with others in real time.

User Friendly

An intuitive, user-friendly interface on any device, iOS, Android or Web.

Data Security

Secure cloud storage of your data with 24/7/365 access.

Offline Access

Offline availability for management when the web’s out of reach.

how it works

Managing Your Boat
Has Never Been Easier

You can set up and begin using YachtWave right now. It only takes a few simple steps to remove the busy work from info management.

Step 1 - Download for Free

Download for Free

Download YachtWave to your mobile or desktop device in seconds.

Step 2 - Enter Boat Specifications

Enter Boat Specifications

Add details for your boat and any other watercraft with the help of convenient dropdowns and auto fill-ins for faster setup.

Customize Your Information

From pre-cruise checklists to equipment inventories, create your own resources for quick reference.

Have Fun Out There

Fill things in once, update quickly when necessary, and enjoy the water with peace of mind.


Practical Features
Designed by Boaters, for Boaters

Every YachtWave feature is designed to simplify life around the water. No complex connections, no unnecessary functionality, no contractual commitment. Think of it as megayacht management without the megayacht investment.

Whether you have a single boat or multiple watercraft, your fleet is front and center from the moment you log in. Simply add, edit, or share key info and specifications at the touch of a button.
Quick & Easy Login

No need to remember yet another password just to organize your boating life. YachtWave is a modern app that uses passwordless SMS verification so you log in quickly and get on with your day.

Boat Details

Dimensions, year, HIN, manufacturer, electrical—all the information you need all the time all in one place. Measurements are shown in both metric and imperial units so no one has to worry about conversion.

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Share with Others
YachtWave isn’t just for info storage, it’s also for info sharing. Transfer any details others need before, during, or after your trip. If they don’t have it already, YachtWave’s email prompt makes downloading seamless.
Just like your vessel’s general details, engine specs are no good buried in a spreadsheet somewhere when you need them most. Quickly access serial number, model, and other info on a dime.
Assignable Tasks

Boat care often takes many hands. With so many things to fix or maintain ahead of your next cruise, YachtWave helps monitor and assign tasks to service vendors, family members, and others in real time.

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What do we need? What do we have? Where is everything? As you know, boats don’t just carry people. Keep track of all equipment, spare parts, and other crucial items that can make or break your trip.

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Maintenance Logs

Accurate records of your upkeep are important not just for your reference, but also for any potential sale down the road. Easily log all job details for optimal organization of your boat’s history.

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Checklists can be a boater’s best friend. Whether for launching, tracking maintenance jobs, or anything in between, YachtWave makes it easy to build custom lists to keep your cruises safe and organized.

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Cruise Logs

Relive trips with friends and family without pen and paper. YachtWave has modernized the cruise log, replacing old-fashioned notebooks and even automating steps like departure and arrival times.

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Sometimes, you just need a place for random notes or quick reminders while you’re on the water. Your all-in-one app holds everything at the ready while also encrypting sensitive items like passwords.

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Offline Access

Reliable internet isn’t everywhere—especially on the water— making offline usability critical. Access all of your boating info whenever you need it and then sync up any changes next time you’re in range.

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Data Privacy & Security

YachtWave is all about speed and simplicity—and safety. Relax knowing that your information is stowed securely in a SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified cloud storage system so you can ensure your data is safe and enjoy your time on the water!

For yacht services

From Owners to Yacht Services

The same features that make YachtWave so invaluable for boaters are just as useful for the industries they rely on. Companies looking to boost their services without pricey software full of gadgets they don’t need now have the right tool for the job.

Streamline data for boats under your care. Better organize your team’s tasks. Improve communication with other businesses you work with while serving shared customers.

No Fees or Advertisements

YachtWave includes the same functions you’ll find in with the industry’s most advanced yacht management software. What you won’t find is subscription fees or annoying advertising. Boat owners (and services) now have free access to premium features that simplify organizational needs without sacrificing features.

Simplify Boat Life Beginning Today

You own a yacht to get away from mundane paperwork, not to add to it. Welcome to the app that enables the yachting lifestyle you deserve.