Offline Access

WiFi isn’t essential to boating, but organization is.

Remote connectivity is a recent luxury in the long history of seafaring. Like those who came before it, you need access to the tools you depend on in real-time, with or without a signal.

This is what makes YachtWave the best kind of first mate: it’s there when you need it, no matter what the conditions. Whether out on the open ocean or navigating a dead zone down river, your info will always be on hand. Any changes you make will then automatically update next time you’re in range.

Simply put, YachtWave lets you truly get away without sacrificing the features you still need off the grid.

Need for Offline Access for Boat Management Apps / Software

Boat owners and operators must have access to important information when out on the water. Thankfully, there is a boat / yacht management app that allows you to fetch important data without internet connectivity. In addition to keeping track of maintenance tasks and schedules, a boat maintenance app lets you log fuel consumption, engine hours, and more.

It is essential to access critical information to your boat’s information inventory, and checklists during an emergency, even offline. A boat / yacht management app with offline access can help you and your crew improve safety and be prepared for any situation.

Without question, a boat / yacht management app with offline access can be an invaluable tool for every boat or yacht owner and operator ready to streamline their maintenance processes while improving safety and staying organized at sea.

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